Haa Kusteeyí

Haa Léelk'w Hás Yoo X'atángi ax tóox' kugaastastee!
"Let our Grandparents Language live within Me!"

X'atángi Káx Kulagaawú 
X'unei X'asheeyí

Haa Léelk'w Hás Yoo X'atángi 
The language of our grandparents

Haa Tóo Yéi Yatee
It is inside of us 

Haa Yoo X'atángi Kei Naltseen
Our language is getting stronger

Ch'u tleix áwé kugaagastee
Let it exist forever

X'unei , Lukaax.ádi

The chant that we use in the school is spoken by the students to encourage them to continue learning the language. This was a chant written by X'unei, Lance Twitchell from the words of our elders to encourage all those to learn and speak the language. 

Lingít Yoo X'atángi is currently spoken by fewer than 100 people in the world. In an effort to awaken and revitalize our language, we are opening our doors to all those to learn the language and bring the language into not only our schools, and homes, but our entire  community. Our language carries the story of our people, the words of our grandparents, and it is our responsibility to carry these words for our grandchildren yet to come. Hoonah City Schools has committed to helping to uphold our children and give them the tools and resources they will need. Our songs, dances, and language instill cultural strength and pride and identity that will instill traditional values and our way of life within all.

Aatlein Gunalchéesh! 

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