Graduation Requirements

A total of 23 credits  are required for graduation.

The breakdown is as follows:
English Language Arts (ELA)... 4 credits
Math... 3 credits

Social Studies... 3 credits (Including 1/2 credit of Alaska History)
Science... 2 credits
PE... 1/2 credit
Health 1/2 credit
Electives... 10 credit

A student must have earned the following credits in order to be considered a member of a given class:

  1. Freshman: 0 – 5.5 credits
  2. Sophomore: 6.0 – 11 credits
  3. Junior:  11.5 – 17 credits
  4. Senior:  17.5 credits or more

Note:  If a student receives an “F” in a class, no credit is earned.  If the class is required for graduation, it will need to be retaken.  When the class is retaken, the passing grade will replace the “F” on the student’s transcript.

Note: If a student plans to apply for the Alaska Performance Scholarship the credit breakdown will be different for more information on what credits are needed to qualify please visit;

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