Miguel Geisteen Contreras

Miguel Geisteen Contreras

Miguel Geisteen Contreras is a basketball coach at Hoonah City Schools. He is a father to Sofia, and fiance to Rebekah Sawers. Contreras is 23-years old, was born in Juneau, and raised in Hoonah. His parents are Sheryl and Mo Contreras Sr. In this interview, conducted by Aubree Hinchman, Contreras talks about the rewards of coaching and building relationships.

Veronica Dalton

Mrs. Ree

Veronica Dalton comes from a fishing family, is a longtime educator, and a mother and a grandma who has many grandchildren. Dalton has a little dog named Chubby Dude, or “CD” for short. She has a red truck, loves fishing and likes traditional music. Many people in Hoonah call her Ree. In this interview, Dalton spoke of her family and love of fishing.

Renee Gray

Ethan Ruerup interviewing Renee Gray

Renee Gray is currently the middle school homeroom teacher at Hoonah Community Schools. Among other duties, she oversees the Close Up program that helps develop leadership in young adults. She started teaching at HCS in 2016. Mrs. Gray is married to Dennis Gray and has two children -- one is an HCS alumni and the other works at the school. In this interview, conducted by Ethan Ruerup, Mrs. Gray speaks about her childhood and how to be a good teacher.

Mrs. Tannehill-Smith

Aubree Hinchman interviewing Mrs. Tannehill-Smith

Mrs. Tannehill is the science teacher at Hoonah City Schools and has been teaching for seven years. She has a husband named Mitch who she met in college, and two kids named Summit (2) and Arrow (1). Her dogs are Denver (8) and Wayiwah (3). This interview was conducted by Aubree Hinchman.

Ralph Watkins

Ethan Ruerup interviewing Mr. Watkins

Ralph Watkins is the principal and superintendent of Hoonah City Schools. He was born in Compton, California but most recently lived in Shishmaref, Alaska. He moved to Hoonah in 2016 and has been principal ever since. He is married to Jolene Watkins and has six children, two of which attend Hoonah Community Schools. In this interview, conducted by Ethan Ruerup, Mr. Watkins covers topics such as his upbringing and what drew him to Hoonah.

(interview coming soon)

Daphne “Duffy” Wright

Kali Harris interviewing Daphne "Duffy" Wright

Daphne K’ashkgé Wright is an educator of 34 years and works as a Tlingit language teacher at Hoonah City Schools. She produces the school newsletter and works with K-5 kids daily. Out of love for the community, Wright openly helps coordinate multiple activities in Hoonah including the All School Ku.éex’. Wright is known for her impact as a teacher of the Tlingit language.

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