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Social & Emotional Learning helps students manage their emotions and behavior

The Importance of Social Emotional Learning in Children | Buffalo County  Community Partners

So What Does a  School Social Worker DO???

School social workers work with students, parents and teachers to nurture school success. A major goal is to help reduce, and ideally eliminate, problems and obstacles that interfere with a student's learning. When a request for service is made I begin by looking at the student's unique situation and look to see what factors may be an obstacle. Next, I develop a plan that works with the student's strengths. Attitude and behavior are areas where the student has the most personal power to work on improving. In addition, I look to use the student's positive influences such as support and involvement from parents, other school professionals, and community agencies. Utilizing student and parent strengths, as well as school and community services are critical in this goal planning process. The entire Hoonah City School staff is here to assist in teaching students more effective skills, encouraging them in healthy directions and habits, and coaching them forward through personal and academic challenges. 

Your School Social Worker has a Master of Social Work degree  (MSW) and certified by the Alaska Department of Education  to work with students in a school setting.  School Social Workers are school-based professionals skilled in helping to resolve your student's problems so they can come to school ready to learn. Your school social worker is trained to work with children and their families in many different areas such as:

More specifically, your school social worker can help with the following areas...

    Helping to resolve disputes among peers
    Intervention for student having a personal, school, and or family concerns
    Individual or small group discussions to support student needs
  • CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS Problem solving, positive social skills, dealing with bullying and staying safe on the internet, stress management & coping skills through a program called 2nd Step
  • COMMUNITY REFERALS : To agencies for such as DSS, Health Care, or private counseling
    Meeting with parent/guardian for a comprehensive social history report for the special education assessment committee

How Students Are Referred to the School Social Worker:

  • School Personnel
  • Parents
  • Community Agencies
  • Student Self-Referral



Elizabeth Mair
School Social Worker
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