Academic Opportunity

At Hoonah City School we want every student to be successful. We know, however, that due to circumstances some students may struggle to keep up. To help students who need a little extra support, we will now be providing Academic Opportunity.

What is Academic Opportunity?

Academic Opportunity is an intensive three-hour session where students have the opportunity to complete missing assignments, retake tests, or anything a teacher provides to help a student bring their grade up to a non-failing level.

Who gets assigned to Academic Opportunity?

Academic Opportunity is assigned to any student who is failing any subject in any class with a percentage level below a 59%. It is open to students in grades 5-12.

When is Academic Opportunity?

Academic Opportunity meets every Saturday from 10:00-1:00 in the Hoonah City School Library.

Does a student assigned to Academic opportunity have to attend?

Yes. Academic Opportunity is for students who are significantly behind in one or more of their classes. Academic Opportunity is a way a teacher facilitates a student to making up missed work or retake assignments.

What if a student is assigned Academic Opportunity and does not attend?

Students who are assigned to Academic Opportunity and do not attend will be assigned another session and may have their eligibility and ability to participate in school sponsored activities impacted. 

What if a student completes the assigned work before the end of the Academic Opportunity session?

Any student assigned AO (Academic Opportunity) who completes the assignment(s) may be dismissed before the end of the session. (Students on suspension must stay the entire session to receive the credit for attending.)

What are the Academic Opportunity policies?


1. Students report to the school by 10:00 AM. Doors will be locked at 10:30, no exceptions. It is recommended to arrive at least 5 minutes early.

2. Academic Opportunity is in session from 10:00 AM 1:00 PM.

3. No sleeping.

4. No talking.

5. All electronic devices will be placed at the front of the room and remain there during the session. If use of an electronic device is detected, student will be removed from Saturday school and required to attend additional sessions.

6. Students are given one hall pass per session.

7. Only one student may be in the hallway at a time.

8. Hoonah City School Handbook Policy is in effect at all times.


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